Turn prohibitions – Hillsdale Ave at the Art Shoppe development (2131 Yonge Street)

SERRA is concerned about traffic infiltration from the Art Shoppe development into the neighbourhood and especially onto Hillsdale Ave East (for the section to the east of the development). Hillsdale Ave East is classified as a “local road” and has few exit points to facilitate thru traffic.

As such we would like to request an amendment to the current traffic regulations on Hillsdale Ave. East, as it relates to the Art Shoppe development at 2131 Yonge. The loading space and below-grade parking garage for the proposed building are accessed from a driveway on Hillsdale Ave East (and from a driveway on Soudan Ave, a “collector” road). The proposed traffic amendment (for Hillsdale only) will address safe and efficient operation of traffic at the driveway on Hillsdale Ave East.

Read the full text of the letter here.