Transforming Mount Pleasant Village

In October 2016, the Toronto-based urban design landscape architect studio, Public Work, presented to the Mount Pleasant Village BIA a proposed Streetscape Master Plan: the BIA had called a public meeting to review the proposed plan.

The plan presents a vision of Mount Pleasant Road from Eglinton to the Mount Pleasant Cemetery, taking into account the street’s distinctive features: its ‘ravine street’ nature and its proximity to the city’s (if not country’s) finest arboretum, the cemetery itself. Public Work has suggested that the street could capitalize on these features, becoming ‘Toronto’s most picturesque arboretum-like street.

This exciting plan is in its preliminary stages and when developed by the city and the BIA, will bring great distinction to our area.

Next drafts of the proposed plan are expected in early spring.

Mount Pleasant Village Streetscape Masterplan Presentation: