TDSB Announced New Trustee Ward Boundaries

August 19, 2018 Update: The map of the new TDSB ward boundries is now available online. Click here to see the map. Click here to see a list of candidates.

August 18, 2018 Update: **NOTE

Bill 5, the Better Local Government Act, 2018, was passed by the Government of Ontario and received Royal Assent on August 14, 2018. More details about TDSB Trustee candidates and wards will be posted to the City of Toronto elections page. Click here to go to the City of Toronto website.

August 10, 2018 Update:

As a result of the proposed changes to Toronto city council (from 47 to 25), the TDSB created several different options for the trustee ward boundaries. On August 9, 2018 the TDSB announced that option 1.1 from their report (see below) was selected and approved. Important Note: (see above **Note.) These new boundaries will only apply if there is a reduction to city council (to 25). In other words, if city council remains at 47, then the existing TDSB wards will remain as is and the new wards listed below will not apply. We will update our website when we have more details.

Click here to read the TDSB news release: TDSB Approves New Trustee Ward Boundaries

To see a map of the new TDSB wards (option 1.1) see page 5 of this TDSB report (click here).

(Edited) Half of our SERRA area will be part of ward 8 and the other half will be part of ward 11.

More information about the TDSB wards in the SERRA Area: 

Ward 8:
This area includes the Eglinton – Lawrence and St. Paul’s area west of Mount Pleasant.
This is a newly created TDSB ward 8 has 33 schools.
This ward includes Eglinton JR Public School and Davisville JR Public School / Spectrum Alternative

Ward 11
This area includes the Don Valley West and St. Paul’s area east of Mount Pleasant
This ward has 24 schools.
This ward includes Maurice Cody JR Public School & Hodgson Middle School

Click here to read the August 9, 2018 article by Tamar Harris, The Star: TDSB trustees approve new ward boundaries.