SERRA supports Education Development Charges for the Toronto District School

We are SERRA, The South Eglinton Ratepayers’ and Residents’ Association,
representing the Davisville Village and South Eglinton area in Toronto. Our area, which
includes the Davisville and Soudan apartment neighbourhoods as well as the Midtown
cores at the intersections of Yonge/Eglinton, Yonge/Davisville and Eglinton/Mt
Pleasant has one of the highest rates of densification and new development
applications in Toronto.

Upon completion of the currently projected development pipeline, The Yonge –
Eglinton Centre population is projected to grow by more than 100 % (from
20K to 44K) and the Yonge – Eglinton Secondary Plan area (from 2016) by more than
50% (from 61K to 95K). The SERRA area is wholly inside and comprises the largest
footprint of the Y-E Secondary area. We expect additional development applications in
the near term.

This unprecedented development is adding tremendous pressure on existing
infrastructure, community services and most significantly, impact on local schools,
which have been at overcapacity for years. City of Toronto planning is working to
ensure that city services and infrastructure expand to cope with the increase in
population. Our local schools have been unable to keep pace with the growth in this
geographically small, but high density area of Toronto.

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