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To the City Clerk,

My comments for 2023.EC8.13 on November 28, 2023 E&CD Committee

Please add my comments to the agenda for the November 28, 2023 Economic and Community Development Committee meeting on item 2023.EC8.13, Recommended Amendments to Chapter 545, Licensing for Bars, Restaurants, and Entertainment Venues as part of the Night Economy Review

This letter is in support of FoNTRA letter and recommendations for this item, specifically to:

  1. Defer consideration of the MLS Night Economy report (EC18.3) and the Planning Night Economy report (PH8.2) and defer the meeting date for submission of the Noise Bylaw Review report.
  2. Undertake a comprehensive public consultation process to provide information and review the proposals in the current MLS and Planning reports, and what changes are needed to the reports and to the upcoming Noise Bylaw Report.
  3. Include in the review consideration of the regulations used by Vancouver and Austin City to promote Night Economy uses while protecting residents from excessive noise.

As a resident of the City of Toronto, I am upset with the lack of community consultation on this matter specifically as it relates to Entertainment Venues (including nightclubs).

Additional consultation on this proposed bylaw and licensing amendments is required in all the wards of the city that will be impacted by the proposed changes.

Yours sincerely,

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