School construction has fallen way behind in booming condo neighbourhoods in Toronto

The Globe and Mail recently reported that in many condominium developments being built in Toronto, access to school could become a problem for families living there. Condos and signs from the TDSB are photographed on March 10, 2021.

Fred Lum of the Globe and Mail writes to highlight problems in areas like the waterfront, the Distillery and midtown.

Condo purchase contracts on the waterfront area typically specify that space in a local school may not be available, and some developments post this warning on their hoardings, but would-be renters aren’t necessarily aware. And residents who move in during one stage of life may find themselves marrying and starting families, only to be confronted with a lack of schools that hadn’t before seemed an urgent issue.

A similar dynamic has been happening in midtown, where schools are struggling to deal with a booming condo population. Local councillor Josh Matlow says he can’t support a major project at Yonge and Eglinton unless a school is built at the same time.