Midtown Working Group: Review and recommendations re Oxford Development revised submission – Canada Square

This review provides our analysis and recommendations regarding the current revised application for the development of Canada Square as submitted in December 2022.

The Midtown Working Group believed that Canada Square can still fill the role of becoming our “New Town Centre” if the following conditions are achieved:

  1. The full 5,500 sq m community space is programmed for the use of all Midtown
    residents, with community involvement/authority in the design and uses of that space.
  2. A comprehensive plan is conducted for complete, safe and healthy streets for the entire Midtown Centre, including thoroughfares and streets in adjacent
  3. A significant part of the 2200 Yonge building is used for “learning, employment, community facilities, cultural and performing arts spaces”.
  4. Simultaneous with application approval, the City schedules, for commencement no later than the first quarter of 2024, a 1-year feasibility study regarding decking 2 the subway trench between Berwick and Imperial streets to create a large linear park.
  5. Finalization of a generous allocation of affordable housing units.
  6. The proposed Canada Square Plaza is required to consist of at least 60% green space, building to building (grass, shrubs, trees etc.)
  7. Supportive outcomes of the various City studies (City Council – PHC, Oct 18 – PH27.6 – Supporting Midtown Existing and Future Residents’ Quality of Life).
  8. Community involvement in the various phased CS development decisions and activities is clearly defined in the form of a mandated advisory committee as part of application approval.

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