Annual Membership

Membership donations identify active members of our association are granted for a calendar year.

Member application is a two-step process, the first step is the payment of the membership fee and the second step is updating your membership profile. Let’s begin first step:

After you have completed your Membership donation, PayPal should return you to our website to have you update your Membership Profile. Please complete this form as we require your street address and postal code.

If you cannot fill out your Membership Profile at the time, you can return to this screen and enter click the button below to update your profile.

Your full membership allows you to be a voting member of our association as per our by-laws. Your membership also allows for other members of your household to become non-voting members of our association. You can use the button above to associate your household members with your account. Please use the same street address for all of the household members.

Note that all members will automatically receive a free newsletter subscription. You can unsubscribe from the newsletter subscription at any time.

SEDRA strives to keep residents engaged and informed – SEDRA wants to hear about what is important to residents and how we can keep our neighbourhoods walkable, livable and vibrant.