FoNTRA sends open letter to Standing Committee raising grave concerns

On October 25, 2022 Premier Doug Ford said that ‘Everyone’s dream is to have a little white picket fence.’ Premier Ford then announced the details of the Bill 23 legislation to the assembled audience at the Toronto Board of Trade.

The Toronto Board of Trade luncheon was a sold-out event with ticket prices of $105 per person. It must have been a good lunch.

The Federation of North Toronto Residents’ Association (FoNTRA) did not attend the event but since then we have had some time to digest the contents of Bill 23. We have identified ten major issues that are of grave concern for residents across the province.

On November 10, 2022 FoNTRA sent an open letter to Premier Ford and members of the Standing Committee reviewing Bill 23. A copy of this letter can be found on the FoNTRA website.

Just one day earlier, Mayor John Tory wrote an open letter to Deputy Prime Minister Freeland and Premier Ford identifying a 2022 operating budget deficit for Toronto of $815M. So while Premier Ford is planning to reduce development charges for new high-rises, and to emasculate community benefits charges … while Mayor Tory is hinting at “inflationary property tax increases.”

The FoNTRA letter runs to four pages and we have provided a one page abbreviated version the Letter page. We ask our residents to read both versions.