EHON Update – FoNTRA expresses concerns to Planning & Housing Committee

FoNTRA recently wrote a letter to the Chair of the Planning & Housing Committee expressing concerns about the Expanding Housing Options in Neighbourhoods program.

In the Letter, FoNTRA supports the Expanding Housing Options in Neighbourhoods (EHON) program in principle. However, neighbourhoods across the City have different characteristics that must be taken into consideration in expanding building types across the City. This cannot be a “one size fits all” initiative.

FoNTRA is pleased that the report ends with the message regarding a commitment to implementing a comprehensive engagements strategy with a broad and inclusive range of stakeholders.  However, FoNTRA is concerned about how the recommendations of the Ontario Housing Affordability Task Force, if adopted, for a one-size fits approach and for the elimination of public consultation, will impact the EHON proposals in this report.

The full text of the FoNTRA letter can be found HERE.