We are a non-profit organization that depends on its membership fees and donations to fund our operations and initiatives. The association is managed by an elected Board of Directors who are assisted by an able team of resident volunteers.

Our membership fees generally cover our annual operations expenses but we depend on additional donations to fund extra-ordinary expenses and our major advocacy initiatives.

The Association asks for donations into the following funds:

  • General Account
  • Legal Fund
  • Brownlow Fund

The funds collected from donations will be dispersed as needed with appropriate consideration of the purposes of the funds as described below.

Disclaimer. We are not a charitable organization and cannot give receipts for tax purposes.

General Account

General donations are important to us and are used for a variety of purposes. Our larger expenses include D&O insurance and costs associated with mediation and tribunal activities.

We ask for general donations in any amount as part of our annual Membership enrollment process.

If a member contributes an amount in excess of the annual Membership fee, this amount is deposited into our General Account.

Legal Fund

Donations to our Legal Fund are critically important to us in order to support our efforts at mediation meetings and tribunal hearings. The costs associated with these activities generally relate to retaining legal and expert services required for these proceedings.

We ask for Legal Fund donations on our website and in each of our newsletters.

Brownlow Fund

Donations to the Brownlow Fund are no longer accepted.

In the period of 2017 and 2018, SERRA partnered with a local condominium association and neighbours to sponsor the ‘Say No to Brownlow’ campaigns. Funds were collected as part of this campaign.

Some funds remain from this campaign and continue to be used to support other development campaigns for nearby properties.