HiRise / MidRise Team

The Tall/Mid-rise Working Group focuses on large developments. View current tall/mid-rise developments (30 and counting!) on our interactive development map here. Contact a member of this group by emailing: ac.no1701530397tnilg1701530397ehtuo1701530397s@esi1701530397rdiml1701530397lat1701530397

To view a listing of all the Tall/Mid-Rise developments, including the addresses and a summary of the key attributes of all developments (heights, units, etc.) Click here.

The provincial Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing (MMAH) dramatically increased permitted development heights in Midtown in June 2019. Click here to see a chart that shows the key changes in our neighbourhood.

Click here to view the City Planning/City Council review and approval process that development applications have to follow and how the SERRA working group is involved.

In addition to our current volunteers, we are searching for volunteers with experience and training in urban planning/design, architecture and construction management and those who have time to devote to the association.  Please contact us at ac.no1701530397tnilg1701530397ehtuo1701530397s@arr1701530397es1701530397 if you can help.