City of Toronto publishes new guide to the Committee of Adjustment

Residents now have access to a new resource guide to help with The Committee of Adjustment.

SERRA board members met with the our Councillor, Josh Matlow, to discuss planning issues in our neighbourhoods. Our most recent meeting was on November 14, 2016, and Josh provided us with copies of a new brochure on the procedures for Committee of Adjustment hearings.

The guide is printed as a fold-out guide in eight pages. Although the guide is short, it provides information that is not readily available elsewhere.


The major sections of the guide include:

+ What should I expect at a Hearing?
+ Explanation of Minor Variances, Consents and Non-Conforming Uses
+ How the committee decides to grant a minor variance
+ Links to other resources

The guide also features two timeline charts that provide overviews for the procedures for Minor Variances and Consents.

The guide provides an excellent introduction for residents who are planning to attend their first Committee of Adjustment hearing.

Contact SERRA at ac.no1718915181tnilg1718915181ehtuo1718915181s@sem1718915181ohlla1718915181t1718915181">ac.no1718915181tnilg1718915181ehtuo1718915181s@sem1718915181ohlla1718915181t1718915181 if you would like to receive an electronic copy of this brochure. You may also want to contact the Councillor’s office to get a printed copy of the brochure.