Bill 23: Ford’s Housing Plan is built upon a Field of Dreams

On October 25, 2022 Premier Doug Ford said that ‘Everyone’s dream is to have a little white picket fence.’ Meanwhile his government proposed Bill 23 that does nothing to provide for affordable housing and fails to build liveable communities. Bill 23 is a complex piece of omnibus legislation that, if passed, will make a multitude … Read more

Ontario Government releases Housing Affordability Report with Mixed Reviews

The Ontario government recently released the Housing Affordability Task Force report that makes 55 recommendations aimed at reining in home prices by dramatically boosting the supply of housing. The report was released publicly on February 8, 2022, less than two months after Ford and Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing Steve Clark appointed the task … Read more

Previous attempts to empower the City of Toronto have not gone far enough.

The City of Toronto Act, in 2006, gave the city the power to establish its own form of governance, subject to review by the Ontario Municipal Board. The province revoked that power in 2018 with legislation unilaterally reducing the number of councillors from 47 to 25, in addition to changing the ward system. ​ A City Charter will … Read more