Latest Roehampton update – we met live! Read all about it!

Roehampton Residence Community Liaison CommitteeMeeting #6 Roehampton Shelter: June 8, 2022, 5:30 – 7:00 pm Roll Call, Purpose & Agenda Review: Hellen Haziprodromu Hellen Haziprodromu: SSA – RoehamptonAcire Julius Labeja: Program Coordinator – RoehamptonVanita Arora: Program Supervisor- RoehamptonGiuliana Viani: Shift Leader – RoehamptonDeb Whalen-Blaize: Church of the TransfigurationAdam Saunders: Midtown Safety GroupJane Auster: South Eglinton … Read more

Latest Roehampton Community Council meeting minutes

Meeting Minutes – April 2022 Attendance: Hellen Haziprodromu – SSA – Roehampton Acire Julius Labeja – Program Coordinator – Roehampton Nicole Williams: Manager – Roehampton Diana Goldie- Northern Secondary School Jane Auster – South Eglinton Davisville Residents’ Association Lancelyn Rayman –Watters – EPRA Laura Inglis – 900 Mount Pleasant Road Rev. Stephen Milton – Lawrence … Read more

SERRA is part of the CLC for the Roehampton Residence

SERRA is one of the many community groups participating in a Community Liaison Committee for the new Roehampton Residence. The Roehampton Residence, located at 808 Mount Pleasant Road, opened on July 3, 2020, to clients as part of the City of Toronto’s three-tiered COVID-19 response. The City has leased the Roehampton Hotel for two years … Read more